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Can Every Parent?

"Children learn to smile from their parents." - Dr Shinichi Suzuki


Hello, I'm Yi Lin - parent to 3 young children and creator of Parents Can Coach. 

Parents Can Coach is born out of 8 years (and counting!) of journeying through early childhood and music education with my daughters through the Suzuki method. As both a resource and community platform, Parents Can Coach is where I bring the richness gained from my personal lessons and insights from our family's musical journey to parents who want to learn how to set their child up for success through creating a nurturing environment for him or her to grow.

Parents Can Coach is every Suzuki parent's companion. Subscribing parents will receive a weekly info-pack rich in articles, videos and practice tools; regular check-in sessions with teachers and fellow parents of Nurture With Love; and for your child - activities, games and book loans from our fun music library.

We all want to bring forth the best in our child. Like a gardener, we first have to acquire the knowledge and skills to tend to a seedling so that it blossoms and fruits. Come along to find out more. 

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