A Music Scavenger Hunt

If you're celebrating Christmas tomorrow, you might be anticipating that clocking in that daily practice session amidst the festivities is going to be an uphill task Kids tearing off wrappers on presents, playing with their new toys, you having to entertain guests, serve up festive menus and gah - handling overtired kids.

SO, we have created a neat solution to anticipated practice woes: Turn music practice into a party game! Instead of sending your child to sit at the instrument, send him on a Scavenger Hunt for Suzuki pieces. For every piece that he successfully 'finds' (in his book or in his brain) - and plays for everyone - he gets to collect one gift (that's addressed to him) from under the Christmas tree. Have him complete the list of Scavenger Hunt pieces before opening any of the gifts.

If you have more than one child learning pieces across different books, have them team up to search (and play) through their combined repertoire in order to check all the items off the list.

Give it a GO and let us know if this game helped to make music practice easier and more fun during the holidays!

We have created scavenger hunt lists for Suzuki cello and piano from books 1 to 4. Parents Can Coach members may download the full copies from our Members Studio.

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