Adding a "Whee!" to Practice with Wheel of Names

Having to shift music lessons to Zoom has made us more comfortable with using digital tools to put a zing into home practice now and then. Wheel of Names is an option similar to Tiny Decisions (see preceding post) but accessed through a website instead of a mobile app.

Wheel of Names is a bit of a misnomer because it's not limited to spinning only people's names or even names of music pieces. Just like Tiny Decisions, you can get creative with your practice session and type in anything you like. What's fun with Wheel of Names though is the option to insert images. So if you have an early beginner who is still learning to recognise words, you can insert images in place of words. I've included 'The Honeybee' as an example in the photos in this post. Older students can be tasked to play pieces by the composer whose portrait they pick. (See if you can recognise the guy in our sample wheel. Clue: wild hair.)

You can customise the Wheel of Names to great detail, such as the sound effects for when the wheel is spinning and when it stops, the colour palettte and even whether you want a confetti shower to appear (WHO DOESN'T?!?!)

Have fun exploring and practising with the Wheel of Names.

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