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[Book Review] Every Good Boy Does Fine

This time, we have a book review for the adults.

I must come across as someone who really loves and knows a lot about music lessons because a librarian received this new title at her branch and immediately texted me about it.

If you're familiar with note reading, you might recognise that the book title Every Good Boy Does Fine is a mnemonic for the 5 line notes on the treble clef staff: EGBDF (Mnemonics, by the way, are not a useful learning tool for young children who have yet to read and spell e.g. they would need to know that 'every' starts with the letter 'e' in order to connect that knowledge to naming the note on the 'e' line.)

Written by pianist Jeremy Denke, I think this book really requires you to know and love classical piano pieces and their composers in order to enjoy it! I struggled, to be honest.

What I took away from my eventual skim of the book were the anecdotes of the relationship between parent and child. You might be heartened to know that even parents to a brilliant, talented and passionate child pianist had challenges with getting him to practise!

Check out some of the excerpts in the pics and you'll see what I mean!

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