BOOK REVIEW: Hippobottymus & Postman Pat's Special Music Delivery

Who loves a MUSIC STORYBOOK REVIEW? Hippobottymus by Steve Smallman and Ada Grey was SUCH a great find in the bookstore. A bunch of fun-loving animals discover how to make music with their bodies and play together as a musical group by a bubbling brook. But wait, WHO is making the bubbling sounds? Written in super catchy rhyme that little ones will love reciting and bopping to. Currently on loan to one of our Parents Can Coach families! Hope they're loving it!

We recently replaced our piano and it was such an eye-popping episode for little ones to see such a big and heavy instrument being moved. The smallest child went around the house hunting for the old piano wondering where that huge thing could have possibly disappeared to How DOES a piano get moved? Read all about it in Postman Pat's Special Music Delivery when he has to do just that. And urgently too!

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