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[Book Review] Horse Tales!

It's the school holidays for some of our studio families and we have been checking out our public libraries for new reads.

My littlest loves reading stories about animals and we lucked upon 2 stories about animals and music! Horses playing music, specifically.

Hayley The Hairy Horse makes a good read for our studio cellists because the hair on their bow is from, well, horses! Read how Hayley gets back at a greedy musician who is out to get her entire tail for his violin bow.

Hendrix The Rocking Horse is a spot-on story of the thrill of playing an instrument and making music. Follow Hendrix's journey as he discovers what joy an electric guitar can bring to him and to those around him.

Both stories are written in rollicking rhyme and illustrated with lively pictures.

Have a good time reading them with your child!

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