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Buddy Compliment Cards

WE DID IT! Our full set of Parents Can Coach Buddy Compliment Cards is R-R-R-READY for you to use at our Lunchtime R-r-r-recital on Sunday 3 October 2021!

How do you use these?

Encourage your child to watch and listen attentively to every performer play during the recital. Invite him to give his peers a compliment. If he needs help thinking of what to say, offer him 1 or 2 ideas from a Buddy Compliment Card.

It would really help if you familiarise yourself and your child with the suggested compliments on the cards before the recital starts.

Don't feel that you have to only say what's on the cards. These are just some ideas to start you off until you come up with your own favourite compliments to gift - in your own words.

Lastly, encourage your child to verbalise his compliments to his peers instead of typing them into the Zoom chat. It just feels nicer to hear the sincerity in a friend's voice when he's saying great things about you!

Members can access the full deck of Buddy Compliment Cards in the

Parents Can Coach Members Studio

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