Build Your Sundae Celebration

It's going to be a Happy July! Over the next 2 months, we will be celebrating with our studio families as they complete the 100 Days of Practice Challenge 2021! 🥳

What will you be doing to celebrate? 🤔 Need some ideas?

Our family goes out for an ice-cream treat! But it's no ordinary ice-cream outing. The kids have to earn the rare opportunity to build their own ice-cream sundae by reflecting upon and verbalising their thoughts and feelings about the past 100 days of continuous daily practice. We bring along our deck of 'reflection cards'. On each card is an ingredient for their ice-cream sundae and on the back, a question to be answered before they can earn that ingredient.

For the #100dopc 2021, we have created a special F.A.M.E Edition of our Build Your Sundae Celebration interview cards. Each question invites the child to reflect upon whether he has demonstrated the qualities of Focus, Attitude, Mastery and Effectiveness over the 100-day challenge period.

📆 Mark your 100th day of continuous practice and plan a family celebration for the big day. Print a set of the interview cards provided in this post and video your child's responses as a precious keepsake of his (and your) marvelous achievement. Save the deck to next celebrate Day 200. You will be amazed at how your child - and his responses - would have matured over another 100 continuous days of practice. It will truly give you something to celebrate and be grateful for every 100 days.

Share with us a picture or video of what Day 100 looks like for your family.

Press on, everyone! YOU CAN DO IT! 🏆

(Parents Can Coach members may download the full version from our Members Studio)

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