Cool Practice Tip #2 with ice-cream sticks: FEELINGS

(This post is part of our Ice-Cream Chillin' flavour selection in the Parents Can Coach 'What's In My Positive Practice Toolkit' series.)

Feelings and moods are another theme that you could use to add another dimension to a piece.

Invite your child to express the feeling or mood shown on the ice-cream stick through her instrument, without telling you what was on the stick. You could make guesses such as "Oh, the piano sounds really sad. Did I guess correctly? I did? Wow, your playing was spot-on. I could feel the sadness through your music."

Try then asking why the instrument is feeling this way and you might get some insights into your child's thoughts. It might be something like "Because his friends don't want to play with him" - go ahead and ask more.

Or you might just get some really cheeky performances. My daughter made her cello "sneeze" and it became bad-tempered because it had caught a cold!

Try it and get Hooked On A Feeling!

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