Cool Practice Tip #3 with ice-cream sticks: WEATHER

(This post is part of our Ice-Cream Chillin' flavour selection in the Parents Can Coach 'What's In My Positive Practice Toolkit' series.)

Let's take to the skies with Cool Practice Tip #3! Weather can really affect how we feel at any time of the day. We also have many expressions to describe how the weather is affecting us.

"Whew! It's sweltering today!" "It's a cool and breezy day. Let's go for a walk outdoors." "Brrr. It's chilly this morning, isn't it?"

Now try expressing the weather through music. You could invite your child to reimagine the easy, swinging Allegretto 1 (Piano Book 1) on a hot and humid day. What would playing at the playground feel like when the air is thick, heavy and sticky?

What if Allegretto 2 (Piano Book 1) wasn't about raindrops falling on a rainy day, but about snowfall in winter? Would the notes still go "pitter patter on my window pane"?

I can imagine how thunderstorms can bring pieces to life. Think thunder and lightning in Minuet No.2 (Cello Book 1, Piano Book 2)! Alternating lulls thick with anticipation with wild tornados in Humoresque (Cello Book 3)!

Go on. Bring the elements indoors for music practice this week and conjure some wild weather together with your child!

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