Cool Practice Tip #6 with ice-cream sticks: BRAIN BREAKS!

This is the simplest and the most fun deck to create and use. Who wouldn't love a brain break when practice gets heavy? Wheeew!

Concentrating on learning a passage, doing repetitions and playing from sheet music require alot of mental energy. Weave in some whole-body activity and movement in between time spent on the piano bench or cello stool.

Moving not only offers release and relief - it also exercises the brain in a different way. Try a little brain gym by layering actions to make them trickier.

E.g. Have your child cross his arms and hold his ears. Now ask him to pull his Left/Right ear. See if he get his sense of bodily orientation mixed up! It's sure to invite some laughs. And you know what they say about laughter being the best remedy for just about anything (even better than stickers)

THAT'S ALL FOLKS for our Ice-Cream Chillin' series!

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