Daily Practices for Emotional Well-Being

We are our child's first teacher.

On some days, we may feel that we are our child's worst teacher. We might have been the first to teach them how to yell at someone when they feel angry. Or to blame an inanimate object for not doing what we expected of it. Or to not want to try something new that seems too hard to do.

We can also be the first to teach them how to handle anger, frustration and disappointment. But as the practice parent, you would likely have found yourself trying to teach your child how to manage his feelings of frustration over a practice assignment - while possibly boiling over with frustration yourself. You might also have realised that not a word of your well-meaning lecture got through that huge blinding cloud of emotion swirling around your child too. Which might then lead to you going "Are you listening? Did you hear what I said?"

What daily music practice with a child looks like

Whew! It can be tough, can't it? For one, it takes an emotionally-healthy parent to nurture an emotionally-healthy child. To be the best teacher that we can be to our child, we need to take care of our physical and emotional health first.

How? The writer of this article sums it up in 3 essential daily practices of emotionally-healthy Suzuki parents:

(1) Create a support network

(2) Practise daily self-care (3) Develop a mindset of celebration

These need not require huge effort to make a life-changing difference in your home practice sessions.

For (1), Parents Can Coach was created exactly for this purpose. So make use of it by reaching out to other parents for support and companionship.

For (2), my small daily routine is to make sure that I have a clean break between ending work and starting music practice. I shut down my laptop and have a cup of tea or a snack before embarking on music.

For (3), with our studio families en route to completing the 100 Days of Practice Challenge over July and August, we will have something for everyone to celebrate! You can look forward to the special Ice-Cream Celebration Cards that we will be making available soon.

What are your daily practices for emotional well-being?

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