ECE Must Go On! (At Home)

Parents Can Coach is so pleased to share this special deck of cute picture cards for our Early Childhood Education (ECE) families.

I had initially made this deck for my niece Luna Tuna Banana (not her real name) and it has serendipitously come into good use to serve a larger purpose during this period when ECE lessons are suspended. Her cousins love pretending to be Teachers Yvette and Dale Goh and conducting the 'baby music class' for her. This set was made to cue our tiny music teachers on the sequence within the 2 sets of songs and rhymes to be alternated weekly (or daily if you like!)

At the top of each cue card, I have indicated the prop required to support the activity. (Feel free to improvise on the props where you need to!) Where no prop is required, it indicates whether the activity is carried out while sitting or standing.

The husband and I take great pride in having completed 5 continuous years of ECE lessons from 2013 to 2018. Unfortunately, our combined memory now fails us and we can't remember the exact sequence of the activities. Even with some help from the Spotify albums Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes Week 1 / 2. We had a minor debate over where 'Bow Wow Wow' fits in. I have taken the liberty to put these pieces at the tail of each sequence, for you to bring forward as you see fit.

Looking back on the ECE repertoire, it only now dawns on me how AMAZING it is that our young children in the studio can master a growing repertoire of more than 30 songs, rhymes and activities by the time they are 3 years old. Today, it felt like the list of picture cards that I was making was never going to come to an end! To parents, the intense repetition may come across as boring, unless we choose to see each new word added to our child's early vocabulary, and every single action executed accurately by their little bodies and brains as a Golden Moment.

We hope that the ECE picture cue cards will help you in keeping the songs and rhymes alive for your child at home. I will be posting links on our Parents Can Coach Members Facebook page to the background music for the 'rolling ball', 'egg shaker' and 'scarf' activities. If you know any ECE families who are not yet members of Parents Can Coach, please help me to invite them to join our Facebook group through the 'Request to Join' feature on the page.

(Parents Can Coach members may download the full ECE repertoire cards from our Members' Area)

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