Encouragement is Essential

Thank you, Lia for sharing your completed activity sheet from the Parents Can Coach MUSIC FUN LIBRARY with us.

'Encouragement' is one of the F.A.M.E qualities that we are challenging our parents to practise consistently, if not daily. What better opportunity to use the "encouragement stickers" included in our Positive Practice Toolkit to acknowledge the effort that our children put into their work. We are learning that the emoji series is especially popular with the kids!

View pictures in this post to read about the activity sheets provided for our Beginner and Early Book 1 students.

Reinforcing that the music alphabet only goes to G.

Try singing it from A to G, then backwards from G to A.

Knowing the order of the music letters will come in helpful for note-reading later on.

Spot the Difference or Spot the Odd One Out. This simple exercise encourages even the youngest students to use their observation skills to discern between different note rhythms, music direction and music marks. This is the first step in reading music or sight-reading notation when the time comes. So that we don't "read blindly" or "play blindly".

See if you can help them connect the printed material to their pieces E.g. Playing a note of the same pitch on repeat (DDD and EEE in Lightly Row) or 3 notes in a 'stepping up' pitch (e.g. DEF and EFG in Lightly Row)

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