Get Fuzzy!

I am excited to launch the Parents Can Coach What's in my Positive Practice Toolkit series! We will be progressively releasing ideas and tips on using small items to make practice more interesting, effective and most importantly... ENTICING to motivate your child to want to practise using these friendly props.

This week, we start with Fuzzies to train finger strength, good position and accurate note playing. MINIM Members who signed up for 2 consecutive terms would find Fuzzies included in their Positive Practice Toolkit. If you don't have the toolkit, you can easily get a pack of colourful Fuzzies from your friendly neighbourhood Daiso or craft store.

Let us know what your child enjoyed most about Fuzzy practice with these cute fuzzball friends. Share your new ideas on practising with Fuzzies too!

(Parents Can Coach Members can download the full poster from our Members Studio)

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