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Hello to 2022 and to Same Old Brand New Tools

In our Parents Can Coach survey, we asked parents in our studio what resources would best support you in being the home coach to your child.

All the responses pointed to 'Tools to support home practice', these being guides, tips, practice trackers, templates, etc. At Parents Circle, parents shared that they would like more guidance in 'deep diving' into individual practice strategies (e.g. doing repetitions for mastery, working on a one-point-focus) and to spend more time applying a strategy consistently in their practice routine. This consistent application would help parent and child learn how to practise effectively, and to integrate the strategies into daily practice. This way, practice tips and resources would not be "the extra things" that are applied only when time (and mood) allow for it.

Hence, Parents Can Coach together with our music teachers from Nurture With Love Suzuki Music School, will be using 2022 to resurface the content that we had created over the course of last year. We will take parents through each tool and show you during the music lesson how to continue using it to support practice at home. We will be starting with Reflection, Goal-Setting, Anticipating Possible Challenges (What-Ifs) and Habit Building at Group Lesson this weekend. The intention is not to keep introducing new or 'more fun' strategies, but to find fresh ways to use, re-look and re-use familiar tools to support parent and child in whatever space or stage they may be at in music education and personal development.

Parents have also ranked book recommendations for children and fun activity sheets as the most useful resources after tools. We will continue to post these in our Parents Can Coach Facebook Group, so Members, do look out for them. As the Suzuki approach to learning music is much more than, well, learning music, parents have suggested that books and activities need not be limited to the topic of music. They can be about developing our child's heart and mind around topics on growth mindset, developing ability, building good habits, having a positive outlook, gifting compliments and kind words, etc.

Parents Can Coach is more than a programme - it is this community of parents who are on a shared journey with our children and with one another. We welcome our studio parents to use the Parents Can Coach Facebook Members Group to recommend good children book titles and activities that you may have come across and are aligned with supporting families on this journey.

I wish all of you a joyful start to a fresh new year for growth through music in 2022.

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