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Join us for Parents Circle in May!

Raise your hand if you have been tempted to skip music practice! After all, who can tell if we missed a tiny day of practice?

Trust me, I've been there! Yet, if you ask any teacher of any skill, they would say that one of the most important elements in learning anything is consistent practice.

Join us and fellow parent Venus Lee in our second Bookshare* session for our studio families. Look out for the event announcement in this Facebook group and RSVP to let us know if you'll be coming!

*During the session, references to Section 6 of the book will be made. We look forward to hearing your perspectives. Reading the section prior to attending Parents Circle will definitely equip you for a more fruitful discussion. To purchase a copy at $25, please contact Teachers Dale and Yvette or loan a copy from our Public Libraries.

(Parents Circle is a quarterly private event for studio families with Nurture With Love and members of Parents Can Coach)

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