Let's Play: Yeti Yetters!

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Woot! Our Music Games have landed in the Pinnacle studio and will be making their way to Windy Heights too! The games give a fun twist to note-reading practice, music terms recognition and to learning about composers.

Games can be played solo or as a family and span various skill levels. Beginner students can start with practising differentiating between their left and right hands. We also have finger tracing and tapping activities to train finger recognition (and brain dexterity too!) Older students can pit their music knowledge and reading skills against one another in races and quizzes.

If you don't read music notation (yet) and are worried that you won't be able to help your child enjoy the games, well... don't worry! We have got you covered. Not every single game is centred on music theory. There are a couple of special games that help children learn about mindsets and attitudes to bring to learning and practice. Playing is a really good opportunity to start a conversation with your child on this in a fun and fulfilling way. Check out our introduction to YETI YETTERS in the photos below.

Some games are quick enough to play while you're waiting for your lesson or for a sibling to end with theirs. MINIM Members may borrow items from the MUSIC FUN LIBRARY to enjoy at home - as always.

YETI YETTERS by Vibrant Music Teaching is an easy and fun way to learn about and tell the difference between having a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset. The game can be played solo or with 2 players. Kids would love the cute Yeti!

Testing YETI YETTERS on a 5 year-old. Verdict? Our little customer declared "This game is so fun! I want to play it again!"

A look behind the scenes at the making of I DIG Note Reading.

No Lovebirds were harmed in the making of this game.

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