Let's Play: Dragon Distractions!

Focus is a F.A.M.E quality for this year's 100 Days of Practice Challenge. The ability to focus is necessary to learn and we may be seeking to develop this ability in our children through learning music. While we often remind our children to focus or to pay attention during a lesson or practice session, what does it mean to them to do so?

Dragon Distractions is a great game for even the littlest ones to learn to identify and recognise a distracted or a focused state of mind during a music lesson or a practice session. This is done through simple mental statements to illustrate what thoughts may be going through their heads while playing music.

Help your dragon keep its eye on the treasure and not float away with each distracting thought. The treasure here is the process of learning or practising. So keep your eye, your body and your mind on the process at hand.


Dragon Distractions by Vibrant Music Teaching

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