MUSIC FUN LIBRARY Sheet Music Collection

So, what exactly do we have in the Parents Can Coach MUSIC FUN LIBRARY sheet music collection at Pinnacle@Duxton?

We have a variety of music scores for piano solos, cello solos, cello and piano duets, and string ensemble pieces. Families can explore music across different genres and nature - classical, traditional, festive, pop, and soundtracks from movie and video game titles like The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Greatest Showman, Final Fantasy, Frozen and Avengers.

The point is to have fun in exposing ourselves and our children to music outside of their learning repertoire. Because we don't learn music only to play for ourselves - but also to play for others, and to connect and form bonds with new friends and peers through music. It's always fun to be able to recognise and hum along to a traditional festive tune or to a movie theme song with friends, and be inspired to learn to play that newfound piece.

Skill level for the collection is probably suitable for Book 2 Suzuki and upward, though we have some simpler pieces like Christmas carols that Book 1 students can explore.

If you aren't able to read music notes or would like some help in figuring out a piece - be it for yourself or your child, I'd be happy to arrange for a buddy practice session on Zoom to work through the tough spots together. Just drop me a note on Facebook Messenger or at

So go ahead and flip through the collection! Snap a picture of the score that you're keen to try and give it a go at home.

MINIM Members, as always - your membership subscription entitles you to loan items from the MUSIC FUN LIBRARY. Feel free to borrow some sheet music to play at home. If you like what you've borrowed, snap a picture or print a copy, and return the pages to the library on your next visit to the studio.

We will be introducing some music titles from our collection in the Parents Can Coach Facebook Group soon. Watch this space!

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