Music Woke the Insta Dinosnore

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Why use social media to track progress with the 100 Days of Practice Challenge? 365 Days ago, I started my first Instagram account to do so. Yes, the 100 DOPC unearthed the Insta Dinosnore in me. I had wanted an easy way to track practice with a daily photo or video, but didn't want to spam my friends' Facebook feeds. It's been extremely fulfilling to physically log a number a day up to and beyond, and to look back on the collection over the year. If you're concerned privacy, you can keep your account private and approve only Follow requests from people whom you know.

Here are some ideas on how we are logging our practice for the new 100 Moments of F.A.M.E theme for the 2021 100 DOPC. Remember to tag @NurtureWith.Love in your posts! Look out for us too @the.c.minors. Send us a Follow request to exchange snippets of progress (It can be hard to tell who people are from their private Instagram accounts, so drop a message to let me know who you are!)

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