[Nurture With Love] x [Parents Can Coach] Parents Circle: The F.A.M.E Edition

Thank you to our studio parents who joined us at the [Nurture With Love] x [Parents Can Coach] Parents Circle: The F.A.M.E Edition yesterday evening! It was inspiring to hear from one another about our 100dopc journey, and our challenges and successes with practising with our children at home.

We talked about why it was important to introduce qualities into the 100dopc, and why the qualities of Focus, Attitude, Mastery and Effectiveness were chosen. We explored ways to explain these big words and grown-up concepts to our children, and what we could do at home to nurture the development of F.A.M.E.

Every music lesson and practice session presents us with an opportunity to observe and learn more deeply about our child. And to find ways to connect, engage and grow with our child through music. Amidst all the ideas, tips and strategies being presented, what was most fulfilling was hearing parents connect over "Oh my son loves to play Twinkle on the black keys too!" and "Maybe you could try... " This is the truly the connection and community that Parents Circle seeks to spark and grow amongst our studio families!

We hope to see you at our next Parents Circle session in Term 3.

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