Of Small Children, Big Instruments & Big Dreams

What inspires and motivates a child to want to learn how to play a musical instrument?

These precious finds from our Public Libraries tell us that it is:

(1) Exposure to a wide array of music because listening to music is part of their daily home environment - be it 'live' music, on TV or on the radio, and

(2) Feeling the music in them and the joy that playing brings.

Read about the childhood and lives of famous jazz musician Melba Liston and talented violinist Itzhak Perlman in Little Melba and Her Big Trombone and Itzhak - A Boy Who Loved the Violin. Both of them went through many challenges in their pursuit and love for their instruments and found their place on the world stage.

Let your child be inspired by how small people can play big instruments like the trombone (and the piano and the cello!) and by how they can train strength and dexterity in their bodies to make beautiful music.

"If you can blow, you can play."

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