Parents Circle: F.AM.E or Flame?

We had a really great Friday evening yesterday talking about how to grow the F.A.M.E. attributes of Forbearance, Application, Mindset and Encouragement in ourselves in our role as our child's parent and coach.

Thank you to the parents in our Parents Can Coach community for being a part of Parents Circle and for generously sharing about your practice journey at home. I hope that you found the time spent connecting with one another enjoyable and meaningful.

This music education journey that we are all on is not just for our child to gain musical knowledge and skills. It is an approach to life education for the whole family, where the parent's corner of the Suzuki triangle matters as much as the child's. We need to continually build up our mastery and confidence in growing our corner of the triangle, in order to support and grow alongside our child and their teacher.

Choose Growth. We hope to see you at our next Parents Circle session in Term 4.

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