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Parents Circle on Consistent Practice

Parents Circle on 21 May was GREAT!

We drew on Suzuki teacher and parent Britanny Gardner's reflections on how building the habit of consistent practice was akin to nurturing a plant, on moving from our core, and how there is no substitution for repetition.

Ms Gardner's stories provided fertile ground for vibrant discussion! Do we always need to be pruning during a practice session? What would happen if we let the tree grow freely? What does it mean to move forward with a goal at our core? What would this goal be? Repetition can be so dull at times! How can we make this a less painful task for young children especially?

It was heartening to hear our studio parents open up with their challenges and respond to one another with support and encouragement. We heard parents say to one another "I think your child did really well at our last group lesson. My child was inspired to learn the piece that he played" and "Your child is improving well in keeping focused during the lesson" and many more words of support.

We closed with the intention to bring one thing to home practice to keep on building the habit of consistent practice. Check out the Menti wall to see our responses.

Thank you to all the parents who participated so wholeheartedly in a full 120-minute virtual huddle - and more importantly, for the support that you so generously give to one another in our studio community.

See you at our next Parents Circle night in August!

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