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Piano Institute 2022

A special shout-out to the parents who shuttled your child to Masterclasses, theory classes and musicianship classes throughout the Piano Institute last week.

You sat by their side, took notes and videos, and might even have lent a hand (literally) during lessons. You observed closely and were probably wowed by how Dr Christina Tio connected with every child. You might even now see the child before you in a new light, having emerged from the institute with new insight to how your child learns.

You also now probably have an everlasting earworm of The Road Ahead or Singapura.

The experience was intense, no doubt. But as Lin Tan put it, the most intense periods of work are when you connect most with the work that you do and see progress and breakthroughs. And it fills a parent's heart with joy to see that happen for your child.

The children were all troopers. But you rock! You made the institute happen for them. Pat on the back for y'all!

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