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Pipe Up!

I started my childhood music journey with organ (electone) lessons before I moved wholly to piano lessons. I had always equated the organ with the piano, and never thought of the original non-electric version to be more like woodwinds / pipes than the percussion / string instrument that the piano is.

I also never knew that there was a huge and Singapore's only mechanical pipe organ hidden in full view at Victoria Concert Hall. From watching SSO's pipe organ and storytelling recital today, we learnt how a pipe organ makes music. It was a fantastic experience - for $5 per person ($4.50 after the student and family bundle discount!) The girls even got to play pieces on smaller versions in the lobby. Fantastic live concert experience for children after a drought of 2 years.

So good to bump into other studio parents attending the recital with their families! Keep sharing news of upcoming concerts for children and seeing one another at music events outside of the studio!

What a delightful evening at the beautiful Victoria Concert Hall!

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