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How do you design your playlists to support your child in developing the habit of listening to his pieces everyday? Here are some ideas from our family.

[Go-To Playlist] My Go-To Playlist comprise 3 to 4 pieces that loop on repeat: 1 Review Piece, 1 or 2 Learning Pieces, The Next Piece (in the book). As my child progresses, I adjust them so that the Learning Piece becomes the Review Piece, The Next Piece becomes the Learning Piece, and I add the next piece in line in the book. This is the playlist that we play on days that we don't have a specific plan for which pieces we want to listen to (which is almost every day, really.)

Go-To Playlist comprising Muzio Clementi's Sonatina in C Major Allegro and Andante movements for our Review Pieces, the Vivace movement for our Learning Piece and J.S. Bach's Minuet in G Minor for our Next New Piece

[One Piece Repeat] Sometimes, we loop ONLY one piece on repeat. I like to create a playlist of performances by different artists for the same piece. To give us some ideas of the different ways the same piece can be expressed or nuanced.

One-Piece Repeat

[Listen Like a Maniac] When we want to listen to more than 1 piece, but still get a good grasp on each of the pieces, we put each piece on repeat a few times, before moving on to the next piece.

Listening Like a Maniac

[Slow Segments] Lastly, for new or tricky phrases, we use the Slow Down Music Player to listen Slowly and in Segments. Use the app to reduce the speed of the song and to cut a segment of the piece, which you can then loop on repeat.

Creating short phrases to loop with Slow Down Music Player

The habit of daily listening helps our brains learn faster. If anything, listening to music as we go about our day can bring us simple enjoyment and help us relax and put us in a better mood!

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