Positive Practice in a Kit

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

"Ohh, so it's just a big division exercise, huh?" was the wry remark from my wise 7 year-old after I briefed the girls on the mechanics of assembling the Parents Can Coach Positive Practice Toolkit.

Minutes into the assembly process, she was exclaiming "Wow! These parents are going to get so much stuff!" followed by "Their children are going to get so many stickers!"

Yes! All Parents Can Coach parents who have renewed their MINIM membership for 2 consecutive terms will receive a full kit of useful items to support you in home practice with your child. This is more than what my own children get!

(1) Encouragement stickers x 50 (2) Ice-cream sticks x 20 (3) Coloured dice x 2 (4) Jigsaw erasers x 2 (5) Fuzzies x 2 (6) Film labels x 1 (7) Blank cards x 1 ( Highlighter x 1 (9) Marker x 1 (10) Squishy toy x 1

A variety of 10 different items conveniently packed into 1 handy pouch. I have an envious bunch of kids on me tonight.

The practice toolkits will be dropped off at the Pinnacle studio. Collection details to come! You can also look out for more posts and articles with tips on how to use these items - specially timed to coincide with the 100 Days of Practice Challenge running from April to July.

These kits were packed by a 9, 7 and 5 year-old, so please inform me if you have items missing from your pack! "Whew! That was hard work!" they said. I think I shall reward them with some of the extra stickers tomorrow.

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