Taking the Long-Term View

One factor for success in making and sustaining positive change is to take a long-term view to learning to play a musical instrument.

Successful families keep in mind that they are learning music as a language. Beyond nurturing a hobby for pleasure.

Learning a language requires consistent effort and persistence to keep working at it day after day, year after year. Some days are a struggle to make sense of it all. But when we progressively gain insight into the patterns, understand the structure and can accumulate enough vocabulary to string together a sequence and express it fluently - it feels beautiful. There is a strong sense of fulfilment and accomplishment in the newfound knowledge and ability.

I found this scribbled in my child's theory book. It puts into perspective the challenge of learning music as a language. Apparently, they find it easier to form a complaint in their Mother Tongue (which is not our strong suit) than to form a musical scale.

[Context and Translation: "Grade 1 theory is extreme suffering and hardship because there are no stickers"(provided in the workbook, unlike for Beginner theory.)]

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