This is How I Know

"You got stuck but you didn't stop trying."

"You made a mistake when playing for others but you kept going."

"It was a hard piece to learn but you didn't give up."

I like how my children learn and practise being insightful and generous with their encouragement for their classmates. But I have to admit that I sometimes wonder if they are just saying it because they have to?

Then today, I heard this:

6 year-old (to our dog): "Naughty dog!"

10 year-old: "You mustn't say that to her!"

Me: "Why can't you say 'Naughty dog'?"

10 year-old (expressing deep shock): "MUMMY! You have to use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!"

And that is how I know that they are truly learning.

They emulate what we demonstrate.

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