Throwback to Home-Based Learning & What-Ifs

So, whose routines went a little out-of-whack this week with the switch to full HBL, malfunctioning websites, and family tussles over digital devices for WFH, HBL and just about Zoom Everything?

I, for one, forgot to have my child log on for Chinese tuition until the teacher called to remind us. And I realise that I have scheduled Zoom art and Zoom piano at the same time on Thursday - thankfully not for the same child.

On top of all these new changes, there's WFH continuing at full-steam (no more blaming low server bandwidths and video-conferencing technology for slowing us down!) and family meal-plans for 100% in-house dining (thank god can still dapao chicken rice).

There are so many uncertainties that could throw us off our well-oiled home routines. This is a good time to look back onto our Parents Can Coach 'Get to Know Your What-Ifs' tool to help us anticipate and prepare for system glitches before they get to us.

Here's a Thursday Throwback to get us through the next few weeks:

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