Tinkering with Tiny Decisions

Once in awhile, we like to inject a spot of digital technology into our home practice sessions. Tiny Decisions is a simple digital spinning wheel that calls out options at random, which puts a fun spin to regular practice!

You can customise the wheel design and programme the options on the wheel. It is extremely versatile for students of all levels and repertoires. Even early beginners can have fun tapping on the wheel to see if they should next play Twinkle Variation A, B, C or D. If there is a particular piece you would like your child to practise more frequently, just enter it more times so as to increase the chances of the wheel calling it up!

It's colourful, it's fun, versatile and easy to switch up the options. Getting to spin the wheel gives the child a feeling of autonomy over his practice session and he is more willing to play the pieces that get picked (which are exactly the ones that you programmed into the wheel in the first place! But he doesn't need to know that. See how brilliant this is?!)

If you have two or more people taking turns to play a piece, there is a feature where each person places a finger on the screen and the app will randomly pick a person! (See video in post)

Tiny Decisions can be downloaded for free from both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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