What's Your Challenge?

How is everyone getting along with the 100 Days of Practice Parents Challenge? My personal challenge is to contribute 100 words daily towards Parents Can Coach or towards a children's story that I have been wanting to write. My goal is to write more than 10,000 words over 100 days.

Writing for Parents Can Coach has been easy. I plan ahead and release content on schedule. I also consider Parents Can Coach as work - hence the work gets done.

Starting with the first 100 words for a story was the bigger challenge. I would imagine myself too busy, too rushed, too distracted to be creative. Writing instead for Parents Can Coach would be my go-to excuse to meet the daily 100-word challenge.

With no content for Parents Can Coach scheduled for release over the weekend, there came my opportunity to start on the story. However, it coincided with a full-on birthday celebration for one of the girls. We were wiped out. Birthday Girl crawled out of bed and slithered into the pool minutes before swim class yesterday while sporting a junior version of a hangover.

No words were penned.

Resolved to get back on track today, I opened my laptop the first thing today and started writing the story. Plot holes, fact gaps, imperfect language and all. My standards were pretty low. Just start writing and plonk down 100 words of WHATEVER... NOW. I was surprised to find that I couldn't - and didn't want to - stop after 100 words. I ended up with 700 words to fuel my next attempt at working on the piece.

So relieved to get rid of that albatross around my neck. (That's an austere baby eagle in my face though. Pressure courtesy of daughter #1.)

What's your personal challenge for the 100 DOPC Parents Challenge?

What's your challenge? (Yes, that baby eagle is talking to you.)

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